Blow Dry
Simple Up Do
Complex Up Do
Sleek Hair Straightening with Irons
All services are priced upon consultation with a Tyler Reid Hair stylist.

Guest’s will receive a complete consultation; shampoo and scalp massage, hair cut and style finish. Clients should allow 1 hour for your visit.
A service quotation will be provided before work is commenced.


Up to top and sides of the hair with highlights positioned to enhance individual hair styles.

Half of the hair is highlighted with carefully selected foils to enhance individual hair designs, cut and finish.

Hair is foiled with carefully selected portions through out entire head of hair to enhance individual hair designs, cuts and finishes.
Permanent Colour, Re Growth and Semi Permanent colour selections are be priced individually during guest consultations.


Ombre; Strobing; Baby Lights; Balayage; Colour Contouring; Colour Melding


Plex treatment systems for lightened hair.
Please Note: Hair length, thickness, amount of regrowth, exisiting hair colour will be considered by our staff in order to provide guests with an accurate service quotation.


At Tyler Reid Hair Salon, the health and safety of our salon guests is of the highest importance to us, which is why we maintain strict Skin Allergy Testing protocols as set out by the manufacturer’s guidelines for the use of all professional chemicals (e.g., hair colourants) we apply to our client’s scalp skin and hair when conducting our salon services. According to the hair colourant manufacturer of our products, the colourant is for ‘professional use only’… and ’A skin allergy test must be performed 48 hours before using the product’. Subsequently, this means only a professional hairdresser can apply the necessary Allergy Test to the client. The Allergy Test must, therefore, be conducted by a Tyler Reid Hair staff member in our salon precisely 48 hours before all chemical services. This test is free of charge, takes no more than two minutes, and requires no pre-booked appointment. 

We understand that more than one visit to the salon in a week can feel like a pain. Thus, we now detail why having an allergy test before each colour or chemical service is essential. Firstly, your health and well-being could be compromised without an allergy test because allergic reactions to hair colour can occur anytime, even if you have had the same hair colour applied for years! People can develop a sudden intolerance to the chemicals as our bodies constantly change. Reactions to chemicals used on hair and scalp can include:

  • Itching.
  • Warm or sensitised scalp skin.
  • Even hair loss and anaphylaxis in extreme circumstances.

To ensure our team provides the highest standard of salon guest care, we insist on Skin Allergy Tests for your comfort and protection. We advise all of our clients to drop into the salon and have this test 48 hours before your chemical service booking. Also available to TRH salon guests is microscopic hair analysis by our Trichologist Simone, where magnified imaging of the hair follicle at the skin surface and the hair shaft can help determine potential concerns that may affect chemical service procedures requested by our clients. All guests will be required to sign our client service and allergy testing waiver at the time of their appointments prior to any service being conducted.

Tyler Reid Hair specialises in Wedding Packages tailored to suit your requirements.We offer an obligation FREE quote to all our brides with our wedding co-ordinator, a meeting with your Stylist to discuss your Colour, Cut and Style for your big day. We can allocate a practice session on your hair and Make Up for your day so when the big day comes your wedding party can relax be pampered, leaving the salon feeling and looking the way a bridle party should. THIS SERVICE IS CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE

The perfect after color treatment, is paraben free, protects against further damage, smoothes out frizz, high concentration of natural ingredients, repairs the hair and scalp damage at cellular level. Protects against hair loss, improves the color retention though amino acids, and improves shine.

Sulphate and paraben free, this treatment containing Shea Butter Oil, Mango Butter, Jojoba Esters, Olive, Soy, lecithin, Sun flower and Babasu Oil. An array of other anti oxidant ingredients deeply penetrate into the depth of the hair shaft providing it with nutrition, nourishment and fortifying molecules. This treatment is designed for dry, poorly hydrated hair.

Receive a ten minute Scalp Massage, to exfoliate and cleanse the scalp, a leave in high performance treatment containing olive leaf extract, rose hip oil that are anti oxidant rich to protect the hair. Honey and Ivy moisturize, soften and give the hair flexibility whilst healing and repairing the scalp.

Deluxe twenty minute scalp massage. This treatment is suitable for the highest level of damaged and stressed hair. Contains a super high concentration of wheat amino acids, which seep through the cuticle (outer layer of the hair into the cortex (inner layer of the hair) and attach to the negative damaged hair. These molecules are hydrophillic, meaning they attract moisture to the centre of the hair adding strength.

Tyler Reid Hair’s Artistic Director Simone Lee is a fully qualified hair Trichologist. Trichology is the branch of hair science that examines the anatomy and physiology of the hair and scalp. Hair disorders such  hair thinning, psoriasis and numerous others are addressed and managed using a scientific approach. Working in Conjunction with Hamilton’s Pharmacy owner Felecia who is a licensed professional compounder, we are able to provide your hair analysis and advice that will help treat hair and scalp conditions which include appropriate hair color services and other styling practices.

Trichology consultations usually take forty-five minutes to conduct. Should on going trichology assessments be required individual packages may be arranged.

NOTE – We realise each and every guests needs are different and we do provide individual quotations for services that are not part of our package component.


  1. Healing Treatment for Scalp and Hair
  2. Dermal Cleansing Clay Treatment
  3. Renewing Peeling Treatment
  4. Anti Dandruff Treatment
  5. Anti Hair Loss Program