Hair loss and scalp complaints can occur for a number of different reasons. If your hair loss is sudden or your hair begins to shed in large amounts, it may be time to book yourself in to see a Trichologist. A Trichologist is a practitioner that specialises in the health of the hair and scalp.

Trichology is specialised discipline concerning the structure, function, pathology and therapy relating to the hair and scalp. With the development of trichological analysis technologies, great breakthroughs have been made. Trichologists specialise in a wide scope of work which covers excess oil excretion, dry and weak hair, scurf, receding hairline, hair thinning for both men and women. Working in conjunction with leading pharmaceutical compounders and specialised laboratories, Tyler Reid Hair trichology guests will be provided with accurate hair and scalp analysis, advice and treatment solutions.

Approximately forty-five minutes should be allocated for Trichology consultations. The charge per session is $120.00. In the event on going services are required, individual packages may be arranged.

Trichology consultations also include advanced Trichoscopic, and Microscopic evaluation of hair and scalp, treatment therapy options, and reccomendations for suitable hairstyling, hair replacement (extensions, wigs) and colour enhacement.

Hair tissue mineral analysis (HMA) testing is also available, and a naturopathic breakdown is provided with lab results. Additional fees and charges apply for this service.

NOTE – We recognise each and every guests needs are different. Individual quotations for services that are not part of our package component are offered during our trichology consultation process.


  • Healing treatment for scalp and hair
  • Dermal cleansing clay treatment
  • Renewing peeling treatment
  • Anti dandruff treatment
  • Anti hair loss program with laser therapy
    Trichoscopy imaging magnifies hair shafts at higher resolution to enable detailed examinations with measurements that a naked eye cannot distinguish nor see. Trichoscopic imaging is considered by many hair health professionals to be the newest frontier in diagnostic methods for hair and scalp disease. Trichoscopy can be either performed with a handheld derma scope or a video derma scope (with software equipped). Trichoscopy is a quick, easy, efficient, and a non-invasive device, which can save time and money to achieve diagnostic data that may be used to develop effective treatment strategies.